Paintball Tank Park in Panhandle, FL

Climb in, drive off, take aim, and KICK BUTT. OddBall Tactics is your battlefield to conquer or be defeated. The choice is yours. The battle is yours. OddBall Tactics is open today. Will you claim victory? Time to put your skills to the test!
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About Us

At OddBall Tactics each tanker (customer) drives a single-person tank and engages in mock battles with friends and other customers. You will operate a tracked vehicle covered in fiberglass “armor” and armed with a paintball marker across our 18.4-acre facility, offering four unique battle sectors with different tactical experiences. Yes, you can participate in paintball with limited risk of actually being hit by paintballs, and furthermore, it is not nearly as physically demanding as traditional “foot” paintball.

Although the location is remote, when fully operational (projected to be by the end of August 2022), we will offer an airconditioned/heated retail space including fully functional bathrooms (no porta-potties). Our retail store sells prepackaged foods and drinks, and we have a picnic area for you to enjoy our food or your own.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?

You should wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. Although you don’t get as messy as in traditional paintball, you may still get dirty from dust or other grime from the tank and the field (and you might still get some paintball residue on you also).

You should also dress for the weather. The Scorpion tanks are neither heated nor air-conditioned.

What should I bring?

Sunscreen, sun hat, possibly bug spray. Also, feel free to bring picnic-type food items for before or after your adventure.

What is provided?

Each player will be issued a protective helmet and will operate a scorpion mini-tank (including enough gas for the campaign) armed with a Valken Razorback paintball marker and 200 paintballs. Additional paintballs are available for purchase during the campaign if you find out that 200 paintballs are just not enough!

Are food and drinks available?

We do have pre-packaged snacks (candy bars, chips, etc.), soft drinks, and bottled water on site.

Baker has a quaint restaurant in town that we highly recommend. The Gator Café, is located 6.7 miles from our fields (unfortunately it is closed on Sundays).

Can I bring my own food?

Yes, we have picnic tables located in our office/parking area for your use. You don’t even have to share with us!

Is there an age requirement to participate?

While we do not have a minimum age requirement, it is important that the players are tall enough to see out of the tank turret. It is for this reason that players must be 12 years of age or older.

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Download and print your waiver to sign before your battle.

Battle Sector

Learn more about each sector of the battlefield.