Battle Sector

Croplands (Kursk)

Battle across wide-open land containing anything from nothing to shoulder-high vegetation (depending on the season). This area is used as the training ground for new tank crews to acclimate them to driving and shooting before sending them into the other battle sectors.

Forest (Ardennes)

Dense cover mixed with plenty of cleared areas allows tank crews to maneuver easily while using cover to stalk their enemies.

Hedgerows (Normandy)

Narrow and twisting paths through dense vegetation force tank crews into close-quarter fire-fights as enemies blunder into each other. You never know what waits along the next pathway or around the next bend. Which way should you go at the next intersection?

City (Stalingrad)

Maze-like walls form alleys, streets, and boulevards through the city of Stalingrad. At the center is the city square featuring a brick “fountain.” Tight corners and dead-ends can surprise you, as the enemy finds firing lines through many of the walls. No position is truly safe in Stalingrad.